Our Philosophy

Senior Couple Sheltering From Sun Under Beach Umbrella

We seek to build ‘All Weather’ returns from portfolios that perform well whichever season the market is moving in.

To do this we strike a balance between those investments that do well when the financial outlook is bright, for example equities, and those that provide shelter during an economic winter, such as a combination of conventional and inflation linked bonds, alternative assets, and property.

What we don’t do

Nobody has a crystal ball into the future and therefore no-one can determine the exact time of the next market rally or the next market downturn. Therefore trying to time the market is fraught with danger and uncertainty, where switching too early you miss out on the upside, and hang on too long and you could get caught.

It is therefore important to remove this market timing by always maintaining a blend of offsetting themes, a ‘self-balancing’ effect, that helps blend out the nasty surprises that markets can throw at us.

Our ‘house view’ reflects the prevailing risks and opportunities that we see and is central to our investment approach, helping to deliver respectable returns during good times and bad.