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Money Mapping ® – Getting your ducks in a row

Money Mapping™

1. See your present

The Money Mapping ® process highlights the bridge between where you are and where you would like to be. It clearly defines your current position, the strengths and weaknesses of planning to date, and creates a blueprint for your future wealth and tax management needs. It also ensures regular ‘check up’s’ so that your financial and tax planning objectives are met.

2. Evaluate your past

The Strategic Analysis process uses the insight and awareness created in stage 1, to take stock and evaluate. You can then begin eliminating the ‘dead wood’, clear up any messes, and increase the focus on your most important money making and tax saving areas. It creates your agenda of ‘what’s most important to you’, and prioritises your financial objectives.

3. Realise your future

The Vision Mapping process is where your strategy and insight become reality. It provides a template to stimulate ongoing creativity and to assess the impact of continual change in the economy, tax planning and your objectives, against the planning being undertaken. It is also an ongoing reminder of where you are headed and the effectiveness of action taken.

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