Managing Risk

Managing Risk

Managing risk is the ‘No.1’ most important factor for ‘Financial Happiness’

Therefore we are in the business of managing risk, which includes wealth preservation, providing stable growth and creating sustainable income.

On the investment side, we have become well known for consistent ‘All Weather’ investment returns, using the ‘self balancing’ strategy The Self Balancing Portfolio™. This is a unique way in which we build client investment portfolio’s to minimise risk whilst achieving stable and consistent returns.

This means that you will have access to the latest knowledge, opportunities and innovations, in preserving your financial assets and ensuring your financial security and peace of mind.

On the planning side, we really like to get to know our clients well, what makes them happy, what are their goals, and what is their purpose. This starts with a high level mind map exercise we call Money Mapping ® and then filters down into the more detailed strategic planning, before advice is given.

What makes us different is that these processes are valuable in their own right because very often this is what we refer to, to keep us on track. Over the years we have learnt that money in itself has little meaning unless we attach purpose to it, and so its important to be able to keep referring back to your planning blueprint.

In summary, we bring our expertise to the table in helping you prioritise and bring balance to personal and financial goals, and help you identify areas that can provide greater returns.